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The Dojo

Based in the basement of the Leicester Secular Hall building, our training hall (dojo) is the perfect place to train. It is often said by many visitors and members that it has a unique atmosphere.

A clean, padded floor designed for the Japanese martial arts that practice here, namely Karate and Aikido . 

A private feel to the training enables students to fully focus on the classes.

Throughout 2019 the dojo was fully re-furbished and has an improved, cleaner look. A fully matted surface suitable for all martial arts disciplines.

A room that is at standard room temperature throughout the year, well ventilated and conforms to current UK fire regulations. Male and Female changing rooms and toilet facilities. Cold drinks available too.

Originally established as a dojo in 1946 it is the oldest established martial arts dojo in Great Britain and still going strong.

A friendly and warm environment where training is taken seriously. Connections with our dojo are world-wide from the Far East, Europe and the Americas as well as the Falkland Islands.

We also have dojos in Millport (Scotland), Poland and Lithuania.

Leicester Karate Club Dojo Floor
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