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Quote of the Month
"The day you decide to do it, is your lucky day"
Japanese Proverb

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Harry Ewen founded Leicester Martial Arts dojo in October 1946 and such was its popularity that around 300 people trained in the dojo every week. Initially Jiu Jitsu but changed to Judo a year later. Aikido started in 1960 and Karate started in 1966. We train in the oldest, established club in Britain. 

Leicester Karate Club Membership Form

Another successful Japan Trip!

Just returned from a two week trip to Okinawa and Japanese mainland (Tokyo) and what a great tour it was. We travelled initially to Okinawa and trained alongside our friends from Argentina for the first time since 2018. Great to meet KadeKaru and Mrs Junko Arakaki wo was over the moon to see us again. 

There was an emotional visit courtesy of Mika Arakaki (Isamu's daughter) to pay respects to his shrine and to talk about her father. 

It was great to finally meet face to face Luiz Vazquez and his Argentinian comrades after years of zoom classes.

The second week involved a tour of Tokyo sights and a full day out in Kyoto to see more wonders of Japan.

All who took part thoroughly enjoyed it; Mareks, Sofija, Deviki, Pat, Lauren and myself.

Eyes are on a visit potentially in August next year all being well and another trip to Buenos Aires being planned for the last week in November 2024.

Raising of Fees

A NEW 6th DAN!

Unfortunately due to a large rent increase from January 2024 we will have to raise the training fees. It's not something we do lightly  and it has been seven years since our last raise in fees, but it's necessary for the dojo to stay afloat. From January the adults and junior training fees will raise by £1 per lesson. The annual membership fee will rise by £5 and also the grading fees will also raise by £5. 

Our fees still remain highly competitive.

Congratulations to Ben England and Dara Dhesi, two youngsters passing their black belts and to Jade England passing 3rd Dan. Really great acheivements for these students and long may their progress continue. A special congratulations to Lauren Frearson on passing a well deserved 6th Dan. Her grading was excellent. She sets high standards for herself and surpasses those standards. A credit to our dojo and a huge credit to women's karate and a real inspiration to karate students regardless of style. We are proud to have her training and teaching in the dojo. No doubt more to come from this inspirational lady. 


Apparently 6 months of planning and sneaking around behind my back by the highest grades in the dojo, today on the 12th March 2023 I was presented with my 8th dan grade. I had no idea and what a fantastic surprise and I am truly humbled and was practically speechless. 

I have graded with Enoeda, Steve Cattle, Taiji Kase and Isamu Arakaki and this award meant as much as all the dan grades awarded before this. 

The kind words from everyone is very flattering and I am determined to keep trying to improve myself and all those dedicated to the art of karate.

As Lauren mentioned during the presentation, counting up all the years of the seniors involved in the award totalled almost 300 years of training experience.

I truly am blessed with a strong dojo with great students and friends. We are one big karate family.

lauren rokudan.jpg

With great sadness, on Monday 27th Sept, 2021 our good friend and great karate ka, Marcelo Chavez from Argentina, has died from covid. A great shock to us all as he was so fit and strong. We will all miss you and your great personality. You have gone far too soon. Bless you - your spirit will live on in all of us.

24th January 2021

It is with sadness that the clubs former karate teacher in the 70's and early 80's has passed away at the age of 72 after battling lung cancer. He was inspirational for a large group of seniors in Leicester and beyond who still carry the karate torch through his teaching. A physically demanding instructor who was dedicated to his art for over 50yrs. God bless Tony.

antony conroy.jpg

Antony Conroy 1948-2021

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