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Leicester Karate Club Membership Form

Academy Course in Liverpool 2024

On the 10th May a few of us travelled up to Liverpool to train with the Kase Ha Academy group. The teachers on the weekends seminar were Pascal Petrella, Jim Martin, Michaylo Fedyk and Juan-Pable Delgado.

A great atmosphere and it was good to meet with people Lauren and I hadn't seen for "years", notably Richard Duignan from Fylde Shotokan who I last met around 1990! Lots of friendship connections made again and hopefully now we can meet up with colleagues from the past more regularly!

Members from our dojo; Rob Maclean, Cath Parsons, Mark Russell, Gary, Jade and Ben england as well as Gorba and Robert from Millport trained on the seminar and we were pleased of the comments from other people on the course who recognised how strong our members were. 

It was great to see Mario from Mullheim attain his 8th Dan. Long overdue recognition of his ability and his services to Karate.

Club History

In December 2022 I began a project of documenting the history of our martial arts club which, as it stands, is the oldest established martial arts club in Great Britain. Same venue since it started in October 1946. 

I have found newspaper articles, and various media articles as well as old photos and write ups on our dojo, its instructors and much more. So far it is around 60 x pages deep with content being added on a regular basis. 

Sometimes more questions arise than answers on the dojos history and as the sands of time move on, some information as to what happened at various times in the club are open to speculation.

Sometime this year a downloadable PDF will be available to all members which I hope some will find interesting.

It is a work in progress and covers events from 1946 right through to present day...

Dave Wilkins

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Harry Ewen founded Leicester Martial Arts dojo in October 1946 and such was its popularity that around 300 people trained in the dojo every week. Initially Jiu Jitsu but changed to Judo a year later. Aikido started in 1960 and Karate started in 1966. We train in the oldest, established club in Britain. 

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