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"I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet." – Nadia Comaneci, Gymnast


With great sadness, on Monday 27th Sept, our good friend and great karateka, Marcelo Chavez from Argentina, has died from covid. A great shock to us all as he was so fit and strong. We will all miss you and your great personality. You have gone far too soon. Bless you - your spirit will live on in all of us.

Leicester Karate Club Membership Form

Don after passing his 4th Dan and his student Arunas passing shodan. Excellent level of gr


10th October

A welcome visit to the UK from Don Dauginis and his student Arunas this last few days after travelling to us from Lithuania. After hard training on Thursday and Saturday they both took their respective grades and both passed with flying colours. Congratulations to them both with Arunas passing his 1st dan and Don passing his 4th dan.

Plans will be made in the new year to visit Lithuania. 

Japan Tour 2022


The planned trip to Japan in 2020 obviously could not go ahead but we are looking at the possibililty of next year and to coincide with the World Karate Championships in Okinawa.

If anyone is interested at this stage just let me know in the dojo or "pm" me so that I can gauge numbers.

22nd February 2021

So, we have a target date of Monday 21st June when the dojo could be open again. Obviously this is subject to change but looks positive for a restart! I would urge all the adult members to get the vaccination when you are able to. 

We will soon be having face to face training!

A new year and new beginnings

14th January 2021

With the vaccinations of the UK gathering speed it wont be long before we can all finally get back to the dojo and train together face to face and hopefully one on one sparring can begin again!

Plans awry

November 20, 2020

Its normally around this time of the year that the clubs next gradings are announced and presentations awarded. Well. the awards will still be issued to those deserving and maybe a small grading for some students will be arranged - watch this space!

Hopefully this short lock down is over soon and I will see if there's any feasibility of dojo training before Christmas.

But, the good news of vaccination programs being organised by the Government is providing light at the end of this covid tunnel and I am sure that by Spring next year we can start a full dojo training program again.

So, for now, stay positive and lets keep pushing on - zoom training for the last seven months has been a useful tool to keep us all motivated. A few months more and we will be back with a determination to really push our levels to their peak.

Gilbert Le Play

September 23, 2020

It is with sadness that I have just heard that Gilbert Le Play, Sebastien’s father and also a former senior student of our dojo passed away last week.

I would like to pass our heart felt sympathies to his wife and sons and the rest of his family and friends during this time.

He was a great individual and always fun to be with. Bless you. 

6 months ago...

September 19, 2020

Exactly 6 months ago we took the decision to close the dojo because of the pandemic. Four days later we all know what Boris Johnson said, "...you must stay at home..."

Quite incredible all the events that have happened almost on a daily basis with the covid situation.

It's also quite incredible the varying opinions on many aspects of what the UK or indeed the world is doing to cope with the situation. For me, I like to believe the facts rather than the false facts splashed on social media and the conspiracy theories that get more bizarre daily. The "5G" is the cause of coronavirus is still the most bizarre.

Personally, I don't get swayed by the conspiracies and the should I or shouldn't I wear a mask arguments nor do I care much for the political attacks against Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and all the others in charge. Regardless of who is in charge if everyone just obeys the rules then we will get out of this situation much quicker.

And to me it doesn't matter that the deaths that occur from this terrible virus is mainly the elderly or those with underlying health conditions, they are human lives that have families and a life that should be preserved as long as possible. As a fellow human being we should be doing all we can to avoid catching the virus and spreading it to someone else.

And for those that believe this is a "plandemic" and is part of a world conspiracy to control the worlds population...take your head out of the sand and spend some time on a covid ward and talk to the hospital workers on the frontline to get a real world view of what is happening. 

Working on dojo solution

September 05, 2020

UPDATE: Discussions with the Secular Society and the people who run the halls as to what our next steps could be for training again in the dojo are taking place within the next couple of weeks. Our capacity is very small but I will announce as soon as I can what our next steps are. In the last 5 months we have lost around 60% of our membership so dojo will take some rebuilding. Thank you to everyone still commited for your patience.


5 months and no dojo training...such a long time. Thankfully, zoom has enabled us to keep going.

I am looking at the best way for those who want to train in the dojo can do so safely and to conform with government guidelines. 

I hope to speak to secular society in September about solutions and I hope to have more news in the coming weeks. 

Zoom and Knighton park will keep us connected and keep moving forward with our training, Dave

Broadband now installed

August 20, 2020

Finally, after much back and forth with BT the dojo now has broadband installed which should make the online training more accessible and make the sessions more streamilned.

All being well when training resumes in the dojo students should, if they wish, still train remotely...it's the future!!

International Class again!

July 25, 2020

As the last Shorin Ryu International class was so popular it has been arranged again for all black belts on Sunday 26th July from 3 - 4.30pm

Instructors will be Luiz Vazquez, Marcelo Chavez, myself and others...

Dojo re-opening....

July 08, 2020

Announcement from the government came through today to indicate when "gyms" can be re-opened and this will also include indoor training activites. So the date is the 25th July. However, not sure if this will include Leicester at this stage as still under lockdown restrictions.

Will have a few things to consider before opening from various factors including how many we can allow to be on the dojo floor at any one time, to what cleaning regime we have to put into place and also what time/s we can action to accomodate those that want to train. Another major factor is that when lockdown began many members stopped training. The zoom online classes are ongoing and are doing well but many many students have not been involved with this. It may take a lot of re-building of membership to get the club back to where it was.

The problem this brings is ensuring the dojo can cover the rental costs, which small and fewer classes will be a major problem. But I will negotiate with the Secular Hall to see what they can do to assist us while we re-establish ourselves.

Whatever we decide, safety is paramount. Karate is a lifetime study and a few months of a closed dojo during this journey is a minor price to pay. More details to follow on the next steps to come. 


July 04, 2020

Well done to Olaf and Mareks for passing their black belts during their online dan grading and also to Qi and Alan for passing their 2nd dans.

Very strong karate students and look forward to seeing them all face to face in the future, well done to all.

So it continues!

June 28, 2020

So, lockdown continues and looking less likely for a Summer re-opening of the dojo. As soon as the whole population of the UK can get to grips with what they have to do to curb the pandemic the better.

When will dojo open?

May 25, 2020

This article is from The Guardian 26th May 2020:

Plans to reopen gyms and leisure centres in July across the UK are being discussed in government circles as part of wider proposals to further open up grassroots sport, the Guardian understands. The hope is that it would apply throughout the country, as many gym companies have facilities across national boundaries, although those involved accept devolution could present certain challenges.

Grassroots football and rugby clubs could also be allowed to train together in separate groups of five that month, if the rate of infections continues to fall and public health officials rule it is safe to do so. However, those wanting to play contact sports – including rugby with full scrummaging, boxing and mixed martial arts – are likely to have to wait until September or October before a full return to action is deemed safe...

Length of lockdown for martial arts clubs

April 23, 2020

With social distancing due to be with us for some time and a possible scientific solution (cure, treatment etc) a long way off at the moment it may be 2021 before the dojo is re-opened.

Obviously it would be great if this could happen before this but hard to see that happening at this stage.

So, I need to plan for the longer journey for karate for everyone who wants to keep progressing.

So, at the end of June I will set a date for the first "virtual" karate grading for kyu grades. I will also plan a dan grading which may be done virtually or possibly on a "one to one" basis with special preparations made at the dojo. Keeping mindful of social distancing and appropriate surfaces cleaned and prepped. (No kumite will take place on any of the gradings.)

Zoom Karate goes international

April 18, 2020

With everything still upside down and trying to still keep the karate flame burning it was time to pay attention to the Shorin Ryu group. After a couple of classes with just Luiz Vazquez and Marcelo Chavez I aske if it was possible to include our own small group of practiitoners which resulted in a zoom class with Argentina, England and also Don from Lithuania involved. With two of our students from Poland it was a truly international class.

So, 3pm Sunday is now set for the time being for Shorin Ryu and next week should see a large group of Argentinians as part of the training class...


April 21, 2020


5 - 5.45pm Wednesdays
12 - 12.45pm Saturdays

Online training will be completely FREE of charge.

You will just need a good broadband or 4g connection and either a tablet, phone or computer with or without a camera.

Frank Holder passes away

March 26, 2020

With great sadness, a former member of our club has passed away today after a few years of battling with kidney failure. Frank Holder was a person who gave me my first job when I left college in 1984 and was a great training partner for many years and we fought alongside each other on the competition circuit on many occassions. A real strong, unique individual who will be sorely missed.

My thoughts to his daughter Shanice, his son Leon and the rest of the family at this sad time.

Bless you Frank. 

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