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Leicester Karate Club

75 Humberstone Gate


0116 2704279 or 07984 903082

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Children & Adults classes available

We welcome beginners at any time as well as people who may have trained in a different or similar martial art. We are a friendly club who train in a good atmosphere. All are made welcome.

If you want to come and watch any of our classes you are welcome to come along and see for yourself.

You do not need to be fit to start we will look after you regardless of physical condition.


Shotokan is regarded worldwide as one of the most dynamic martial arts ever to come out of Japan. It is known for its powerful techniques as well as fast  movements that combine to make it a fantastic self defence. The original "mixed martial art" with all the elements of attacking and defensive techniques. Includes locks, holds, ground fighting, weapons defence and much more.

But the strongest factor of Karate is the development of a positive, confident character in the student.

An Olympic sport in Tokyo in 2020, Karate has never been more popular.



You are welcome just to come along and train any time. But if you want to commit to a class and book in advance then by all means 'book now'.

Our gallery includes images going way back and more being added regularly. 

Are you a member or ex-member? If you have an image to share then just send it to me!