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"When a student comes through our doors we look at how we can improve them and make them better. We are not concerned with numbers and do not treat the club as a business. We do not charge as much as others but the richness of improving others is far more rewarding," Dave Wilkins 8th Dan

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Shotokan is regarded worldwide as the most dynamic martial art ever to come out of Japan. It is known for fast and powerful techniques that contribute to make it a fantastic form of self defence. It is the original "mixed martial art" with all elements of attack and defensive techniques.

But the strongest aspect of Karate is the development of a positive, strong and confident character.

A very successful Olympic sport in Tokyo in 2021, Karate has never been more popular. Leicester karate club has internationally renowned teachers who have trained in Japan for many years and have a strong passion for the art and an enjoyment in teaching new students.

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